Calling all fun-loving people! A hotspring hotel for outdoor activity lovers. mt. inn

mtinn Activity This is an activity program that anyone can feel free to experience. Click here for details.

mt. inn

Dake Onsen where mt. inn is located is a hotspring resort at the foot of Mt. Adatara, one of the 100 Famous Mountains of Japan. The hotspring water here is of the acidic type which is rarely found even in Japan. This area also has plenty of natural resources for outdoor activities, which further increases its appeal.
You can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities including mountain climbing, trail running, mountain biking, skiing, motor sports like drift racing.
mt. inn is a hotel that serves as the HUB, GATEWAY and STARTING LINE for outdoor activity lovers.

mt. inn


Adatara Highland Dake Onsen has a wealth of natural resources that can be used to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including mountain trekking, trail running, drift racing, climbing, skateboarding, winter sports, mountain cycling and river trekking.

mtinn Activity This is an activity program that anyone can feel free to experience. Click here for details.


mt. inn has 40 guest rooms. To give our guests greater comfort, we have a wide selection of room types such as Loft Rooms with bunk beds, Economy Rooms and Standard Rooms. All room types are available in Japanese-style or Western-style. We also have affordable Shared Rooms for students or guests on a budget. We provide various types of rooms for outdoor activity enthusiasts.



Meals are an essential part of any trip. People usually get especially hungry after an outdoor activity. mt. inn provides home-cooked breakfast and dinner. For breakfast, we have the sumptuous "mt. inn Special Breakfast" served in a traditional tiered food box. For dinner, guests have various choices such as a light one-plate meal or a full-course kaiseki dinner. For guests travelling a group, arrangements can also be made for barbeques. We also have a special "mt. inn Curry" which is an all-time favorite of student guests.
Guests can also choose to enjoy their meal outdoors while enjoying the scenery. We have a number of suggestions for outdoor dining spots, so please enquire at the front desk.



The greatest appeal of Dake Onsen - well-loved hotspring since ancient times as a "onsen for beautiful skin" - is the high quality of the "100% natural, free-flowing hotspring water," which is transported over a distance of 8km from its source halfway up Mt. Adatara. This method of transporting hot water using the pull of gravity also helps to cool down the water naturally as it travels down the mountain, giving the hot water a soft, mellow touch.
Once every week, there is a "Milk Day" when yumori (traditional hotspring workmen) will release flowers of sulphur (clumps of mineral deposits) at the hotspring source, and the high concentration of mineral deposits will make the normally pale green water turn milky white. Please come to Dake Onsen to experience this very precious hotspring water once a week.